Theres KSA imposters: theksa.blogspot.com


The Kids Spy club

Join the KSA there you can spy, make cool gadgets or find out information that you didn't

know before. My Name is Agent DP and I am the spy president. In the KSA there is the

vice President ,Secretary, best man, manager, and Original spys.

Gadgets: Shooter, mirror,glue,bag,and spy kids gadgets.

Mission of the day: Your mission today is to hide a remote controlled camera in a room and wait to see what people do and say when you are not around.

gadgets you will need for this mission: A spy video ATV-360

How to make gadgets: to make a shooter you will need a mechanical pencil,scissors, and a

pen spring. 1st you will need to take of the cap of the pencil. then you will need to cut the black

pieces the top. After that take out all of the led in it. then take out the eraser and cut off the

plastic at the end. Take out the spring out of the container and put in the spring from the pen.

Put back inthe eraser then push it down 3 times. Then push it down one more time then when

you push itdown all the way let go and it will shoot up.Flicker: to make a flicker you will need a pen. take the cap off and take out

the spring thenjust flick the button at the bottom.KSA stands for kid secrete agentsnext week

there will be more gadgets.

THE D LANGUAGE: the D language is where you put the first letter in the back of the word. EX: stoy. Stoy is a word that means toys.


The Begining of the KSA

The KSA started with only three members. the members were me ,Agent KS, and Agent KP. We

all three decided to Spy. We had so much information. The information is classified. But then

Agent KS decieded to form a new sector,sector 51. she only had 2 members. Are sector had 2

members to. Then that following saterday 2 more people joined my sector: Agent T.O. and

Agent MO. And we gathered info on every one we knew. Ispecaly sector 51. They were also

getting info off of us like who we were spying on. Then a week later sector 51 moved their sector

to California.


news of the week

There was an Enemy in the KSA she made us think that she was one of us! She was a person working for goodportal.